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[texts]The laws of etiquette; or, Short rules and reflections for conduct in society. - a gentleman
In a rapidly growing consumer market for etiquette manuals during the nineteenth century, this is an example of a manual that attempts to reinforce the authority of its contents by suggesting legal foundations in its title as well as the qualifications of its author, in this case "A Gentleman." The straightforward chapters include "Good Breeding," "Dress," "Balls," and "Funerals." Reissued throughout the 1840s, much of the manual is a paraphrasing to earlier texts.
Keywords: Authors: A: a gentleman; Titles: T
Downloads: 1,577 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]The dancing-master: or, The art of dancing explained ... In two parts ... The whole containing sixty figures drawn from the life, and curiously engraved on copper plates. Done from the French of Monsieur Rameau, - J. Essex ...
This is a translation of one of the most important sources for the study and reconstruction of eighteenth-century dance--Pierre Rameau's 1725 Le maître a danser. Translated by English dancer and writer John Essex (c. 1680-1744), part one of the text and accompanying full-page plates carefully focus on the appropriate manner of walking, feet positions, and bows, and describe a large vocabulary of steps...
Keywords: Authors: J: J. Essex ; Titles: T
Downloads: 1,667 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Dancers and dancing; a calm and rational view of the dancing question, - Pastor J. M. Hubbert ...
At first glance, Hubbert appears to be presenting both pro and con agruments regarding the suitability of dancing. However, the discussion is weighted toward the common discourse found in this genre of antidance literature. Hubbert argues that although dance was practiced in biblical times, it was performed by and for women. Additionally, he concludes that dance is bad for the health and a waste of time and money.
Keywords: Authors: P: Pastor J. M. Hubbert ; Titles: D
Downloads: 1,121 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]An account of the trial of social dance.
The author of this work claims to be pastor of the Reformed Churches of Marbletown and North Marbletown as well as a lawyer. In this manual, Davis takes a novel approach in preaching his antidance position, which he calls "The Trial of Social Dance ... The only King and Potentate, Jesus Christ vs. Social Dance." The jury for this "trial" is composed of "The Public Conscience." "Witnesses" include Mr...
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: A
Downloads: 1,103 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[texts]The rigadoon royal : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majestys birth day 1711 / engraven in characters & figures for the use of masters writ - Mr. de la Garde, dancing master ...
This ballroom dance for one couple, preserved in Feuillet notation, was choreographed by English dancing master Mr. Isaac (c.1640-1720) to music composed by James Paisible (died 1721). The eight couplet dance is in duple meter. The dance notation system, first published by dancing master Raoul-Auger Feuillet (1659 or 1660-1710), is based on tact drawings that trace the pattern of the dance. Additionally, bar lines in the dance score correspond to bar lines in the music score...
Keywords: Authors: M: Mr. de la Garde, dancing master ; Titles: T
Downloads: 102
[texts]Potpourri françois des contre-danse ancienne tel quil se danse chez la Reine ...
This is a collection of twelve contredanses, figure-dances performed by four couples and popular during the last half of the eighteenth century. Unlike other published accounts that describe a single figure for each dance, all the dances in this collection contain a series of figures, demonstrating a closer relationship with nineteenth-century quadrilles. Although this collection contains no floor patterns, the figures for each dance are desbribed in text and appropriate music is provided.
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: P
Downloads: 100
[texts]The ball room guide, being a compendium of the theory, practice, and etiquette of dancing, embracing the newest quadrilles, polkas ... also, the Meyen quadrille, as taught - H. Meyen ...
This manual begins, as do others of the period, with a general introduction that covers the necessity of dancing and a brief history of the dance. Declaring that bodily exercise "drives away sorrow and care," the author asks, "how is it that there are men malicious enough to condemn this innocent pastime?" (p. 12). The manual continues with ten rules to be observed at balls, duties of managers, and seven rules for the German cotillon (a series of dance games)...
Keywords: Authors: H: H. Meyen ; Titles: T
Downloads: 287
[texts]Recüeil de dances contenant un tres grand nombres, des meillieures entrées de ballet de Mr. Pecour, tant pour homme que pour femmes, dont la plus grande partie ont été dancées à l'Opera. Recüeillies et mises au - Mr. Feüillet ...
This treatise includes six solo dances for women; eight for men; and seventeen duets for a man and a woman, two women, or two men, all choreographed by French dancer and choreographer, Guillaume-Louis Pecour (c. 1653-1729). Feuillet notes that several of the dances were performed by some of the most famous theatrical dancers of the time including Marie-Persée, and Cadmus et Hermione as well as Trancrède and L'Europe Galante by André Campra...
Keywords: Authors: M: Mr. Feü; illet ; Titles: R
Downloads: 111
[texts]Le répertoire des bals, ou Theorie-pratique des contredanses, décrites d'une maniere aisée avec des figures démonstratives pour les pouvoir danser facilement, auxquelles on a ajouté les airs notés. - le sr. de La Cuisse ...
This is a bound collection of contredanses, figured group dances for four or more couples that were popular during the last half of the eighteenth century. Each dance is described on four pages: a title page that gives the name of the dance and its choreographer, a page of text describing the figure, a page showing the floor pattern of the dance, and a final page for the music.
Keywords: Authors: L: le sr. de La Cuisse ; Titles: L
Downloads: 148
[texts]The waltz C. A combination of curved steps and movements, so as to represent or describe the letter C. Composed - Henry Gass ...
This small aide de memoire for the waltz provides separate instruction for the woman's part, the man's part, and three versions of the pursuit step.
Keywords: Authors: H: Henry Gass ; Titles: T
Downloads: 457
[texts]The double sword dance. Described and copyrighted November, 1895, - Prof. H. N. Grant ...
Part of a series of pamphlets published by Grant, this work provides preparatory exercises and instructions for steps including the pas de basque, waltz turn, and shuffle. Grant notes that the double sword dance can be performed as a solo or duet.
Keywords: Authors: P: Prof. H. N. Grant ; Titles: T
Downloads: 330
[texts]An analysis of country dancing: wherein are displayed all the figures ever used in country dances, in a way so easy and familiar, that persons of the meanest capacity may in a short time acquire (without the aid of a master) a complete knowledge of that r - J. Berryman.
This is the first of several books published by Wilson on the subject of English country dancing. Performed as a series of figures by a column of men facing a column of women, the English country dance was one of the most popular early nineteenth-century ballroom dances. Although the manual has a section on ballroom etiquette, it is most useful for its text, tables, and color-coded diagrams, which explain the figures...
Keywords: Authors: J: J. Berryman; Titles: A
Downloads: 149
[texts]Dancing and prompting, etiquette and deportment of society and ball room. - Professor Bonstein [pseud.]
Assembled by Professor Bonstein (pseudonym for Charles A. White) from the writings of others, this manual begins with advice to parents regarding children. "Send them to dancing school and save many a doctor's bill." The etiquette section in this manual is reduced to a section simply called "hints." The author provides advice to prompters and rules for calling quadrilles. Of the many popular ballroom dances performed in the ballroom, only the quadrille, German (also known as the cotillon), and c...
Keywords: Authors: P: Professor Bonstein [pseud.]; Titles: D
Downloads: 586
[texts]The gentleman & lady's companion; containing, the newest cotillions and country dances; to which is added, instances of ill manners, to be carefully avoided - youth of both sexes ...
The etiquette section of this manual anticipates many nineteenth-century concerns regarding decorum and bodily control and some of the ill manners described include "swinging the arms, and all other awkward gestures" and "leaning on the shoulder, or chair of another person." The manual provides nine figures for the cotillon, a precursor to the quadrille consisting of a series of figures known as changes that were performed alternately with the cotillon figure...
Keywords: Authors: Y: youth of both sexes ; Titles: T
Downloads: 506
[texts]Dick's quadrille call-book, and ball-room prompter ... To which is added a sensible guide to etiquette and proper deportment in the ball and assembly room, besides seventy pages of dance music for the piano.
This is a compilation by Dick and Fitzgerald of previously published sources on ballroom dance. Although advertised as a ballroom prompter, only one page is devoted to calling figures in a quadrille. The book contains rudimentary etiquette advice and dance instructions for numerous dances including the grand march, quadrilles, contradances such as "Virginia Reel," "Pop Goes the Weasel," "Spanish Dance," and "Sicilian Circle." Also described are various round dances such as the polka, polka redow...
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: D
Downloads: 197
[texts]The royal Ann : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majestys birth day 1712 / the tune - Mr. Paisible ...
This ballroom dance for one couple, preserved in Feuillet notation, was choreographed by English dancing master Mr. Isaac (c. 1640-1720) to music composed by James Paisible (died 1721). The eight couplet dance is in triple meter. The dance notation system, first published by dancing master Raoul-Auger Feuillet (1659 or 1660-1710), is based on tract drawings that trace the pattern of the dance. Additionally, bar lines in the dance score correspond to bar lines in the music score...
Keywords: Authors: M: Mr. Paisible ; Titles: T
Downloads: 109
[texts]Familiar dialogues on dancing, between a minister and a dancer; taken from matter of fact with an appendix containing some extracts from the writings of pious and eminent men against the entertainments of the stage, and other vain amusements ... - John Phillips ...
Substantiated by quotations from other writers including Pascall, Prince of Conti, Chief Justice Hale, and Archbishop Tillotson, Phillips declares dance to be a vain and idle amusement. While he acknowledges that many people assume the study of dance teaches good carriage and a "graceful and easy way of moving our limbs," he notes that Quakers, "who hold dancing in abomination," manage to display good carriage without benefit of dance instruction...
Keywords: Authors: J: John Phillips ; Titles: F
Downloads: 225
[texts]Cartier and Baron's practical illustrated waltz instructor, ball room guide, and call book. Giving ample directions for dancing every kind of square and round dances, together with cotillons--including the newest and most popular figures of "the german.
The author of this manual claims that many books on dance lack simple explanations; this work is advertised as an answer to that criticism. The author has dispensed with "all unnecessary verbiage and figures of speech" in describing round dances and figures for the German (also know as the cotillon). Nearly half the book is devoted to quadrilles and calls for the prompter.
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: C
Downloads: 294
[texts]The german. How to give it. How to lead it. How to dance it. - two amateur leaders.
This manual, which is devoted entirely to performance of the popular parlor game, describes the duties of the hostess ("remove all unnecessary furniture"), appropriate music, refreshments, and choosing a leader. Also included is a section on etiquette for guests participating in the German (also known as the cotillon). More than forty figures are described.
Keywords: Authors: T: two amateur leaders; Titles: T
Downloads: 340
[texts]Coulon's hand-book; containing all the last new and fashionable dances ... - Coulon ...
This is the third edition of Coulon's manual and describes dances popular during the 1840s. Typical of many nineteenth-century ballroom manuals, much of the material is borrowed from other contemporary sources. It is not known whether or not famed French dancing master Eugène Coulon contributed to the work. Small enough to fit into a pocket, the manual begins with a discussion of the polka and includes directions for various ballroom dances including the mazurka quadrille, polka mazurka, schott...
Keywords: Authors: C: Coulon ; Titles: C
Downloads: 466
[texts]Schriftsmässige beantwortung der frage: Was von dem weltüblichen tanzen und spielen zu halten sey und ob es nicht mit zur christlichen freyheit gehöre? als ein anhang zu den betrachtungen von der freyheit der gläubigen vom gesetz auf v - Bogatzky.
This manual is an early German example of the literature against the practice of dancing. In this case, Bogatzky (1690-1774) compares gambling with dancing, and asks the reader to consider these practices in the context of Scripture, especially the Ten Commandments.
Keywords: Authors: B: Bogatzky; Titles: S
Downloads: 100
[texts]Illustrated portfolio of artistic dancing / - Mrs. H.A. Foreman.
This is a book of twelve photographs showing Mrs. Foreman's dance students in a variety of dance poses including "The Persian Vestal Dance," "The Minuet," "Society Skirt Dance," "Butterfly Skirt Dance," "The Cacucha," and "Scarf Dance.
Keywords: Authors: M: Mrs. H.A. Foreman; Titles: I
Downloads: 330
[texts]Prof. M. J. Koncen's quadrille call book and ball room guide ...
This manual is a compilation of previously published materials and includes standard advice on etiquette and dress. Dances include the grand march, quadrilles, and numerous round dances such as the waltz, glide waltz,Boston dip, society waltz, knickerbocker waltz, and the Newport. The popular series of party games called the German (also known as the cotillon) is given sixty-eight figures and other group dances include the "Virginia Reel.
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: P
Downloads: 427
[texts]Les basses danses de Marguerite d'Autriche = Das Tanzbüchlein der Margarete von Österreich : vollständige Faksimile-Ausgabe im Originalformat der Handschrift MS 9085 aus dem Besitz der Bibliothèque royale Albert Ier, Bruxelles. Komme - Claudine Lemaire, Claude Thiry, Victor Gavenda.
This is a facsimile reproduction with additional commentary of a rare fifteenth-century source for the bassedanse, a Burgundian court dance. Known as Brussels manuscript 9085, it consists of twenty-five parchment leaves on black paper with gold rules and calligraphic initials in silver. Seventeen folios contain specific music and choreographies in the earliest known dance notation.
Keywords: Authors: C: Claudine Lemaire, Claude Thiry, Victor Gavenda; Titles: L
Downloads: 318
[texts]Esmeralda" waltz-lanciers. Arranged for the Esmeralda club, of St. Louis, Mo. - Prof. W. W. Florence.
Created for the Esmeralda Club of Saint Louis, this short pamphlet consists of five figures of a waltz quadrille with a brief explanation of each figure.
Keywords: Authors: P: Prof. W. W. Florence; Titles: E
Downloads: 255
[texts]A history of dancing. - Reginald St. Johnston ...
Saint Johnston claims to be filling a gap in the tracing of dance history and confesses he knows of only three books on the subject, those by Gaston Vuillier, Edward Scott, and John Weaver. The work contains much of the sme information found in numerous other historiographies of the era. The author considers the birth of stage dancing to be the Kate Vaughan's "Skirt Dance" and other opinions expressed by Saint Johnston include the erroneous notion that the quadrille was one of the dances that di...
Keywords: Authors: R: Reginald St. Johnston ; Titles: A
Downloads: 838
[texts]Social dancing inconsistent with a Christian profession and baptismal vows: a sermon, preached in the Presbyterian church, Columbia, S.C., June 17, 1849, - B. M. Palmer ...
Taken from a sermon delivered 17 June 1849, Palmer's book is typical of midnineteenth-century antidance literature. He declares that the seventeen references to dance in the Bible are all performed by one sex, in open fields, and in broad daylight. This, Palmer (1818-1902) concludes, is not the case with balls, in which the sexes dance together, in closed quarters, and at night. The author declares that human nature is "fallen and depraved, and subject to the domination of wicked passions," ther...
Keywords: Authors: B: B. M. Palmer ; Titles: S
Downloads: 318
[texts]The nature and tendency of balls : seriously and candidly considered, in two sermons, preached in Medway, the first, December 21: the second, December 28, 1818 / - Jacob Ide.
This book consists of two sermons delivered by Jacob Ide (1785-1880), pastor of the Second Church in Medway during December 1818. In these sermons, the pastor declares that balls are too expensive, "excite very ardent feeling," and lead to an "inordinate love of company" resulting in idleness. The second sermon is devoted to a common theme in nineteenth-century antidance literature, that dancing and attending balls are contrary to Scripture...
Keywords: Authors: J: Jacob Ide; Titles: T
Downloads: 296
[texts]An essay on dancing / - J. Townley Crane.
New York : Nelson & Phillips, [1849]
Keywords: Authors: J: J. Townley Crane; Titles: A
Downloads: 94
[texts]The modern dance and what shall take its place.
This manual consists of a sermon presented at Saint Luke's Lutheran Church, on 13 February 1921 in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania. This antidance work argues that dance is injurious to the health, is usually accompanied by drinking alcohol, and forces young men to stray from serious reflection and prayer. Typical of this genre of literature, the book contains testimonials from numerous denominations including the Roman Catholic Church, Episcopal Church, Baptist Church, Presbyterian Church, and the Me...
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: T
Downloads: 462
[texts]How to become successful teachers of the art of dancing in conjunction with how to manage a favor-german, - Prof. H.N. Grant ...
Written for teachers of ballroom dance, this manual is illustrated with many diagrams designed to be useful in the classroom. Discussions include how to open a dance class, how to conduct a private lesson, and what to teach. Suggestions on appropriate dances include the mazurka, redowa, and polka. Group dances include descriptions of several figures for the grand march, six figures for the German (also known as the cotillon), and several contra dances.
Keywords: Authors: P: Prof. H.N. Grant ; Titles: H
Downloads: 351
[texts]A Solemn warning to dancers.
New York : N. Bangs and J. Emory for the Tract Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, [between 1824 and 1832]
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: A
Downloads: 283
[texts]Dancing and its relations to education and social life, with a new method of instruction ... - Allen Dodworth.
Dancing master and composer Dodworth's manual was originally published in 1885 and "new and enlarged" editions were reissued in 1888, 1900, 1902, and 1905. In this manual, Dodworth gives his perspective on fifty years of changes in social dance. The book covers the galop, racket, waltz and knickerbocker, bows, quadrilles, the minuet, Virginia reel, and two hundred fifty figures for the German (also known as the cotillon)...
Keywords: Authors: A: Allen Dodworth; Titles: D
Downloads: 461
[texts]Modern dancing: in the light of Scripture and facts. - W. W. Gardner, D.D. ...
This antidance tract was originally a sermon presented by the author in Maysville, Kentucky in 1849 and repeated in 1866. It was published as a circular in 1874 and revised in 1887. The arguments are typical of this genre of literature. The author concludes that, based on his interpretation of the Scriptures, dance is dangerous to health, piety, and usefulness.
Keywords: Authors: W: W. W. Gardner, D.D. ; Titles: M
Downloads: 588
[texts]Ball-room dancing without a master, and complete guide to the etiquette, toilet, dress and management of the ball-room; with all the principal dances in popular use.
This manual suggests that anyone can learn to dance without the aid of a teacher and, after providing a short discussion on organizing balls, appropriate dress, and etiquette, the book focuses on the popular ballroom dances of the era--quadrilles, polka, schottisch, polka mazurka, and varsoviana. This "do it yourself mentality was common during the late nineteenth century and this particular dance manual was reissued in 1876 under the title Offenbach's dancing without a master.
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: B
Downloads: 195
[texts]Metodicheskoe rukovodstvo k obucheniiu tantsam v sredne-uchebnykh zavedeniiakh : s prilozheniem rukovodstva dlia dirizherov s 157-iu figurami dlia kadrilia, mazurki, val'sa, pol'ki i kotil'ona : posobie dlia uchitelei tantsev v kadetskikh korpusakh / sost
This is an important Russian manual describing social dance practices including descriptions of the basic movements and positions used in ballroom dance and various dance types including the polka, waltz, and mazurka. The book incorporates a discussion of the dance instruction in athletic programs and for young men in military academies. Numerous photographs enhance the manual.
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: M
Downloads: 132
[texts]Orchesography; or, The art of dancing by characters and demonstrative figures. Wherein the whole art is explain'd; with compleat tables of all steps us'd in dancing, and rules for the motions of the arms, &c. Whereby any person (who understands dancing) m - Mr Isaac, in one vollume.
London, Printed for, & sold by In
Keywords: Authors: M: Mr Isaac, in one vollume; Titles: O
Downloads: 192
[texts]The Pastorall : Mr. Issac's new dance made for Her Majestys birth day 1713 / the tune by Mr. Paisible ; engraven in characters and figures for the use of masters writ - Mr. Pemberton ...
This ballroom dance for one couple, preserved in Feuillet natation, was choreographed by English dancing master Mr. Isaac (c.1640-c1720) to music composted by James Paisible (died 1721). The fourteen couplet dance begins in 6/4 and changes to a hornpipe on the ninth couplet. The dance notation system, first published by dancing master Raoul-Auger Feuillet (1659 or 1660-1710), is based on tract drawings that trace the pattern of the dance...
Keywords: Authors: M: Mr. Pemberton ; Titles: T
Downloads: 90
[texts]The latest method, home instruction by mail, dancing courses ... arranged and ed. - Charles J. Frank ...
This is a series of three pamphlets, each from sixteen to twenty-four pages, that describes the waltz, foxtrot, and the one step. Designed for those who "know nothing at all about Modern Dances," each pamphlet provides preliminary exercises and basic lessons for execution of the steps.
Keywords: Authors: C: Charles J. Frank ; Titles: T
Downloads: 187
[texts]For the furthur improvement of dancing, A treatis of chorography, or, Ye art of dancing country dances after a new character : in which the figures, steps & manner of performing are describ'd & ye rules demonstrated in an easie method adapted to the meane - Iohn Essex, dancing master.
This is a translation of Raoul-Auger Feuillet's treatise Recueil de contredances mises ... (Paris, 1706), by English dance, dancing master, and writer John Essex. Through the use of diagrams, the manual gives descriptions of floor patterns and motions for the feet and arms, indicates how the dance corresponds to the music, and provides rules for performance of English country dances, known in France as the contredanse (also spelled contredance)...
Keywords: Authors: I: Iohn Essex, dancing master; Titles: F
Downloads: 136
[texts]Samouchitel' modnykh bal'nykh i kharakternykh tantsev.
Translated as "Self-tutor of fashionable social and characteristic dances," this is an important Russian-language manual that describes the role of social dance, the importance of proper bearing, bows, introductions, and etiquette. Many of the same are the same as those performed in the ballrooms of western Europe, such as the waltz, quadrille, polonaise, polka, pas de patinier. Other dances are more interesting--the mazurka, pas de'Espagne, Hongroise, csárdas, and kamarinskaya...
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: S
Downloads: 110
[texts]Powell's art of dancing; or, Dancing made easy ... - R. Powell ...
In an attempt to inspire his readers who were located far from the United States' urban, eastern cultural centers, Powell notes that dance "has not improved, except in the larger cities." Of primary interest is the author's dance notation, a type of shorthand that he utilized to describe bows, curtsies, and quadrilles.
Keywords: Authors: R: R. Powell ; Titles: P
Downloads: 302
[texts]Trattato teorico-prattico di ballo - Gennaro Magri ...
This manual represents one of the most important sources on dance technique for the second half of the eighteenth century and is a critical link between Baroque dance and early romantic ballet. Part one is divided into sixty sections describing various aspects of dance beginning with a statement on the utility of dance, and feet positions. The manual continus with descriptions of many steps, for example, four of battemens, nine types of pas de bourrée; balloté; and twenty-three types of cabrio...
Keywords: Authors: G: Gennaro Magri ; Titles: T
Downloads: 211
[texts]Arte de danzar a la francesa, adornado con quarenta figuras, que enseñan el modo de hacer todos los diferentes passos de la danza del minuete, con todas sus reglas, y de conducir los brazos en cada passo: y en quatro figuras, el modo de danzar los
Published in 1758 by engraver, writer, and translator Minguet é Irol, this manual incorporates sections of Raoul-Feuillet's Choreographie (Paris, 1700) and Pierre Rameau's Le Maître de danser (Paris, 1725), although neither author is credited. Part one describes feet positions, the manner of managing one's hat, and provides a large vocabulary of steps used in eighteenth-century dance technique. Part two includes dances by Feuillet and French dancer and choreographer, Guillaume-Louis Pecour...
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: A
Downloads: 184
[texts]The danciad; or, Dancer's monitor. Being a descriptive sketch in verse, on the different styles and methods of dancing quadrilles, waltzes, country dances, &c. &c. ... Together with observations on the laws regarding dancing, with extracts from the acts o - Thomas Wilson ...
"Written in verse as a dramatic play in two parts, Thomas Wilson, dancing master to the King's Theatre, comments on the state of teaching, public balls, and the character of many dance instructors. Nearly every page contains additional remarks in the form of footnotes ranging from an abstract of the 1752 Act of Parliament on illegal dancing to a long discourse on English country dancing and quadrilles.
Keywords: Authors: T: Thomas Wilson ; Titles: T
Downloads: 382
[texts]J.W. Pepper's universal dancing master, prompter's call book and violinist's guide : containing a description of all the figures and full explanation of the different steps used in dancing, together with the music of all the principal dances, arranged for - Lucien O. Carpenter.
This manual is a compilation of previously published materials and its contents are typical of similar books published during the 1880s. The standard etiquette for balls has been reduced to simple rules; for example, "A lady should not attend a public ball without an escort." The manual continues with a discussion of the quadrille and round dances, including the waltz, Boston dip, Berlin, and polka...
Keywords: Authors: L: Lucien O. Carpenter; Titles: J
Downloads: 157
[texts]Cotillion figures, - Joel H. Watkins.
Red and black diagrams are utilized to show the floor patterns of more than twenty figures for the cotillon (also known as the German), a series of party game figures performed to music and an important staple of the ballroom repertory during the last half of the nineteenth century. The figures in Watkins book are, in fact, many of the same figures used in the grand march.
Keywords: Authors: J: Joel H. Watkins; Titles: C
Downloads: 108
[texts]Irine skipping rope dance, originated and described - Prof. H. N. Grant. ...
Grant describes ten steps of a solo dance that requires a rope as a prop.
Keywords: Authors: P: Prof. H. N. Grant. ; Titles: I
Downloads: 318
[texts]Recueil de dances, composées - mr. Feuillet ...
Paris, L'auteur, 1709.
Keywords: Authors: M: mr. Feuillet ; Titles: R
Downloads: 122
[texts]Receuil danglaise : arrangees avec leurs traits telle quel se danse ché la Reine / mis au jour - M[onsieu]r Landrin, m[ai]tre de danse ét compositeur des Traits des contre-danse.
This is a collection of nine English country dances with directions for the figures and appropriate music for a treble insturment. The English country dance was imported into France during the early eighteenth-century
Keywords: Authors: M: M[onsieu]r Landrin, m[ai]tre de danse é; t compositeur des Traits des contre-danse; Titles: R
Downloads: 143
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